Small mixed salad … 4,50

Greek salad with olives, pepperoni, cheese and onions (vegetarian) … 10,80

Potatoe-pockets filled with cream cheese and herbs with mixed salad (vegetarian) … 10,80


Pasta pocket soup (similar to large ravioli in a broth) … 4,90

Clear soup with pancake slices … 4,50

Small flour dumplings with liver in soup … 4,50

From the pan and from the grill

Escalope „Vienna” from pork with french fries … 12,50

Escalope “Vienna”  from Turkey with french fries … 13,80

Escalope from pork in a creamy sauce with swabian noodles … 12,50

Grilled steak of beef, on swabian noodles with cheese, fried onions and sauce … 20,80

Ulmer Spatzen Schmaus
Grilled steak from beef and pork, swabian pasta pocket, brown sauce, fried onions and swabian cheese noodles … 21,80 €

Steaks from the grill

Grilled Medaillons from turkey with black pepper, cream sauce and hash brown … 16,80

Rumpsteak grilled with parsley butter and french fries … 23,80


Grilled piked-perch filet with butter and boiled potatoes … 17,80

Matie with yogurt sauce, onion rings and boiled potatoes … 12,80 € 

Baked filet from fish with potato salad and „Sauce Remoulade” … 12,80

From the swabian kitchen

Swabian noodles with cheese, fried onions and green salad (vegetarian) … 10,80

Spinatspätzle” swabian noodles with spinach, cheese and cream, green salad (vegetarian) … 11,80

Lentils with swabian noodles, sausage and grilled bacon … 10,80

Swabian pasta pocket filled with spinach and meat, on homemade potatoe salad served with fried onions … 9,80 €

Swabian sauerbraten (braised beef previously marinaded  in vinegar) with bread dumplings … 15,80

Prime boiled beef with boiled potatoes and horse-radish-cream-sauce … 15,80

Roasted pork with brown sauce and swabian noodles … 10,80

Two grilled steaks from Pork with swabian cheese noodles, sauce and fried onions … 15,80 €

Cold dishes

Sausage salad with brown bread … 8,50 € 

Sausage salad with cheese and brown bread … 8,50

swabian sausage (Pressack) in vinegar and oil, brown bread … 6,80 € 

Cold roasted pork with vinegar cucumber, butter and bread … 8,50

Plate of raw ham with butter, vinegar cucumber and bread … 9,50

Alle Brotzeitgerichte werden mit 2 Scheiben Brot serviert!


Mixed ice-cream … 4,50 € 

Mixed ice-cream with whipped cream … 4,80 € 

Apple fritter with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream … 5,80

Kuchen aus eigener Konditorei (nach Tagesangebot)

Side dishes

Hausgemachte Semmelknödel … 3,50 € 

Hausgemachter Kartoffelsalat … 3,50