Small mixed salad 6,20

Saucepan and swabian cheese with brown bread … 7,40


Pasta pocket soup (similar to large ravioli in a broth) … 6,00

Clear soup with pancake slices … 5,80

Small flour dumplings with liver in soup … 5,80

Vegetarian dishes

Swabian noodles with cheese, … 14,80
fried onions and green salad (vegetarian)

„Tessiner Rösti” hash brown gratinated … 15,80
with tomatoes and cheese, mixed salad (vegetarian)

„Schupfnudeln” swabian noodles made of potatoes  … 14,80 €

with vegetables spiced with curry and olive oil (vegetarian)

Potatoe-pockets filled with cream cheese and herbs  … 14,80
with mixed salad (vegetarian)

From the swabian kitchen

Lentils with swabian noodles14,80 € 
sausage and grilled bacon

Lochmühle pasta pocket filled with spinach … 13,80
and meat with butter, onions and homemade potatoe salad

„Böff la Mott” Swabian sauerbraten18,90
(braised beef previously marinaded in vinegar) with swabian noodles

Grilled steak of beef, on swabian noodles with cheese, … 27,80
fried onions and sauce

Roasted pork with brown sauce and swabian noodles … 15,80 €

Mühlradteller Grilled steak from beef and pork, … 27,80
swabian pasta pocket, brown sauce, fried onions and swabian cheese noodles

Grilled Medaillons from pork with vegetables, … 22,80 € 
swabian noodles and cream sauce

From the pan and from the grill

„Walliser Rösti” hash brown gratinated … 15,80
with bacon and cheese, mixed salad

Escalope „Vienna” from pork with french fries … 16,80

Escalope “Vienna” from Turkey with french fries … 17,80

Escalope from pork in a creamy sauce with swabian noodles … 16,80 €

Rumpsteak grilled with parsley butter and french fries … 28,50

Grilled piked-perch fillet with parsley butter and baked potatoes … 23,80 €

Mixed Salad with grilled turkey16,80

Only for children up to 14 years

Swabian noodles with brown sauce … 5,00

French fries5,00

Small Escalope from pork „Vienna” with french fries … 8,90

Escalope from pork, cream sauce, swabian noodles … 8,90

Side dishes

Homemade swabian noodles, vegetables, french fries … je 5,00 € 

Potato salad, coleslaw… je 5,00

Cold dishes

Sausage salad with brown bread … 11,80

Sausage salad with cheese and brown bread … 11,80

Alle Brotzeitgerichte werden mit 2 Scheiben Brot serviert!


Mixed ice-cream with whipped cream … 5,90

Apple fritter with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream … 7,80

Nonnenfürzle (swabian fried dough)8,50
with hot cinnamon cherrys and vanilla ice-cream

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